Elsinore – Push/Pull (Album Announcement)


We here at WPGU have taken a little break the past couple of weeks in preparation for the new school year, but now, we’re back.  I firmly believe there is no better way to make our return to internet blogging than to announce a new album from Champaign-Urbana’s own Elsinore!  The new album is called Push/Pull and will be released on October 15th via Parasol Records (based in Urbana!).  The first single off of Push/Pull is entitled “Ultraviolence” and can be streamed below.  It’s been a joy watching Elsinore grow as musicians in the local scene, and I look forward to everything they can do with this upcoming record.  Push/Pull is available for pre-order in pretty much any format possible here.

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I’m Boswell Anthony Hutson…and I have 3 last names (kind of).  I’m a Junior, I major in Classics, and I look forward to a bright future of unemployment and underachieving.  I’m from The Cell and that’s pretty much all you need to know.

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