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We here on WPGU’s writing staff want to wish all of our readers a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving holiday.  Though we’ll be on break this week, gorging ourselves with food and watching football (Go Broncos!), we decided to put together a themed playlist.  Let us know if you can find the common Thanksgiving links between our tracks

Eels – “I Like Birds” (Written by Eric Holmes)

This one goes out to those of us that choose to gorge ourselves on that fabled Thanksgiving staple, the Turducken. We don’t discriminate in our opinions on all things aviary; we just like birds.

Death Cab for Cutie – “Talking Bird” (Written by Diana Czarny)
Off of the 2009 The Open Door EP, Ben Gibbard with a ukulele was a fabulous idea. Arguably better than the Narrow Stairs version, it changes the tone and simplifies it. It’s an easy going song–breathable almost– and as always it maintains that silver lining that’s always there with Death Cab.

Engelbert Humperdinck – “Lesbian Seagull” (Written by Claire Schroeder)
While Engelbert Humperdinck’s recording of this song is not the original, I think it is one of the funniest. It oozes corniness, and could easily help a person drift into a post-Thanksgiving dinner nap. But as coma-inducing as the music is, pretty much every lyric—when considered in or out of context—is hilarious.

Lynard Skynard – “Free Bird” (Written by Daniel Szoke)
You simply can’t have a list of bird songs without Free Bird. You also can’t simply play Guitar Hero II without Free Bird.

The Beatles – “And Your Bird Can Sing” (Written by Stan Polanski)
In this track off Revolver, John Lennon warns that trouble is on the way for the person he’s singing about, despite them not realizing it yet.  That person John is singing to, who some believe is Mick Jagger, brags about how great their new bird is but forgets about the more dependable John.  Perhaps, bird means “girl” in the song.  But in on Thanksgiving, I’m giving it a literal meaning: turkey.  Make sure you don’t get too caught up in the perfectly cooked, juicy turkey and catch up with your family.

Migos – “Chirpin” (Written by Alleya Weibel)
Every time I hear Chirpin by Migos I am reminded that someone is being paid a lot of money to ‘chirp’ on this beat. Start your mornings off right with Migos and don’t forget to throw down money in the club for Thanksgiving.

Kopecky Family Band – “Birds” (Written by Mandy Rodio)
This song, the main hit off of Kopecky Family Band’s first full length, is the perfect little happy song that makes you want to just lay in the grass, stare up at the sun, and dream about the future. It may even make you want learn how to whistle a little bit. It’s the ultimate combination of smooth whistling and light sleigh bells to bring together pure happiness. KFB keeps it gentle, soothing, and simple. It’s complete for a good or a bad day, so listen up.

They Might Be Giants – “Birdhouse In Your Soul” (Written by Joe Winner)

I’m not sure what they mean by making a birdhouse in your soul, but this is a fun song. In fact, it’s just a fun band. I’m also a big fan of the rock trumpet solo.


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  1. The Authentic David Christians December 4, 2013 at 7:14 am #

    Great playlist! I like the clever idea.
    -listener from Russia