Beach Bunny: Prom Queen

Over the summer I became obsessed with Beach Bunny, a Chicago-based band that started off as an acoustic solo act formed by Lili Trifilio. After two solo EPs, “ANIMALISM” and “Pool Party,”Trifilio was joined by Matt Henkels on guitar, Jon Alvarado on drums and Aidan Cada on bass. On August 10, Beach Bunny released their third EP, “Prom Queen.” With only five songs, it left me wishing it was a full length album because I truly could not get enough of Trifilio’s lyrics and self-proclaimed “sad girl” sound. The lyrics found in the songs on “Prom Queen” are clever and bright which makes for a powerful combination.

The title song, “Prom Queen”, describes the struggle that just about every girl has gone through at some point in her life. Trifilio sings about her insecurities and wonders “if I get more pretty, do you think he will like me?” Lyrics like this painfully remind listeners that heartache and insecurities don’t end when high school ends. Still, “Prom Queen” assures listeners that they’re not facing their insecurities alone.

“Painkiller” quickly follows “Prom Queen” and throws listeners into another fast-paced song about insecurities and heartache. Trifilio playfully parallels her heartbreak with various medical procedures, finishing the song by listing off different medicines. When I first listened to “Painkiller”, I immediately got Alvvays vibes from the chorus and overall sound. This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as Trifilio is a fan of the Canadian indie-pop band.

I am a huge sucker for album interludes and the dreamy “Goodbye Summer :(“ does not disappoint. The placement of it was perfect as it definitely helps change the tempo of “Prom Queen” from fast-paced to a more relaxed sound. The song that follows, “6 Weeks” was originally released on the 2015 EP, “ANIMALISM,” as an acoustic song. On “Prom Queen,” it’s a more polished and non-acoustic version of the original. Trifilio’s voice sounds mournful while reminiscing on an old song and a past love, wishing she could go back to how things were.

The final song, “Adulting,” is one of my personal favorites from the EP as it contains so many understandable lyrics like: “Miss my mom, my body’s always aching / You could be anything, anyone, you’re all grown up.” In these lyrics alone, Trifilio goes from the physical aspects of being an adult before addressing the exciting, yet extremely daunting reality of growing up: there’s absolutely no one stopping you from doing what you want except for yourself.

Honestly, I could spend the rest of the review analyzing each lyric of “Adulting” and explaining how relatable it is but it would probably be easier just to listen to the song yourself. In fact, that’s what draws me in the most to “Prom Queen.” All of the lyrics feel so familiar, as if Trifilio took the words right from my mouth. It’s comforting to find a new artist that makes music for exactly how you feel. Beach Bunny is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands, and it should become one of yours too.

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