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Luminous Newts – Luminous Newts

If I had to describe the Luminous Newts in one scenario, they would be those odd forty year old uncles that get together with a lady friend to feel young again and make music. At twelve tracks, they are groovy and pretty laid back. Instrumentally, they are clean in their sound all throughout. Songs speak of wolves, death, the moon, and use kittens to portray subliminal messages. The Luminous Newts are mystical in a sense, but when it comes to composition as a whole, it becomes a confusing combination between the harmonies of the vocals coming together with the instrumentals.

The two seem to have an odd relationship that can work at times, such as in “Envy,” which is slow and easy in its nature, where the background is simple and the vocals are able to carry themselves. In other tracks such as “The Wolf Doesn’t Howl So Loud” you can catch on to a surprisingly catchy Santana-like guitar riff and solo, but the flow in the vocalist’s execution kills the vibe. Overall, the album sounds like the soundtrack to an animated film where the main character sings everything they’re saying and/or going through. The Luminous Newts are a baby of psychedelia, along with eerie story-telling and random themes. I would only recommend this album if you’re up for a random listen and are into amphibians.

Verdict: Thumbs Down

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