Want to know more about our DJs’ backgrounds?  Need to know when your favorite alternative personality is on air?  Well you found the right page.

Nasty Nate and Filthy Ferm

Monday-Friday 6-9 PM


Crossing each other’s paths in late 2010, these heathens like to engage in meaningless discussion on a broad spectrum of topics, favorites being wax museums, Buick Regals, fax machines, and most importantly music of all genres. Tune in every Monday through Friday from 6 to 9 PM for some debauchery and a glimpse into the warped minds of these two far out dudes.

Tommy and Ashley in the Morning

Monday-Friday 7-9 AM

We’re Ashley and Tommy, we’re the furthest thing from morning people, but the Morning Show is where you’ll find us. We talk about anything and everything, and half of the time it doesn’t make any sense but that’s just who we are! #WarOnPants

Alice Smelyansky

Monday and Wednesday 1-3 PM

Hey! I’m Alice. Yep, like in Wonderland. When I’m not gallivanting outside the realms of reality, you can find me searching for new music to listen to or secretly but not so secretly watching trashy reality TV. I love alternative music as well as indie, electronic and rap.

Erin Maturo (Flashback Café)

Monday-Wednesday 12pm-1pm

erin maturo

“What’s up? I’m a broadcast journalism major and I love talking about dumb stuff and being a sarcastic crazy person, so radio is a perfect passion for me. I like fat, ugly dogs, Flavor Blasted Goldfish, the Format, and Ouija boarding. I have two pet rats, Lyle and Carlos. They’re pretty cool.”

Curtis and Grace (The Count)

Monday-Wednesday 5-6 PM

Sometimes we play the top ten hits in alternative; sometimes we count down our favorite Guitar Hero songs, and sometimes we just aimlessly count to ten. We love cheeseburgers and puppy dogs (Grace) and drinking too much coffee and smoking a lot of cigarettes (Curtis.)