10.5.17 – In this episode, we talk about Nikhil’s obsession with Ratking, New York’s hip-hop resurgence, which songs represent our hometowns, legendary feature verses, Miley Cyrus’s hip-hop phase, FakeShoreDrive’s 10th anniversary, and test Aaron’s hip-hop knowledge in a new edition of the Name Game!



About The Author

Nikhil Mehta was born and raised in Fremont, California, a suburb of the Bay Area, but discovered his love of music from the internet. Inspired by the pure expression, creativity, and perspective of acts like Odd Future, Childish Gambino, Danny Brown, and Flying Lotus, Nikhil's passion for finding the coolest new music was born. After making the move to Champaign, he found himself surrounded by a thriving scene of artists and creatives that didn't exist in Fremont, and eagerly took his place within as a host of "Can I Kick It". Besides his music obsession, Nikhil enjoys longboarding around campus, rewatching Netflix shows, and climbing trees.

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