Lollapalooza lineup leaks…probably


Alright, all you festival-lovers: it’s been a big week for Lollapalooza. Incredibly, the festival sold out all of its three-day passes in less than four hours–without even having released their line-up. At this point, people are assuming it’s going to be good. After I bought my non-refundable ticket, I was thinking to myself, “Wow, they could really screw everyone over and release a totally bogus line-up next month and be like, ‘HA. TAKE THAT.’ However, my fears were instantly extinguished when this apparent “leaked line-up” surfaced the web today, originally featured on This Song is Sick’s website. Every year there are fake-out line-ups released…someone coud totally be messing with us and showing off their Photoshop skills, but, alas…you can decide whether or not you trust it. Check out the list here!

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