The 26.2 Hour 1-Song Fundraiser

Why run a Marathon when you can listen to one? WPGU 107.1FM proudly presents the 26.2 Hour 1-Song Fundraiser! During the weekend of the Illinois Marathon: Friday April 26th to Saturday April 27th WPGU will be playing one song, and one song only during the whole time period of 26.2 hours!

That special song is “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen!

To challenge ourselves, we will place DJs in the studio the whole time of the 26.2 hour fundraiser. These DJs will have to announce the song every time at the end and the beginning of it. To make us stop playing it, and to help the DJs from going insane, we will be raising money for our GoFundMe Fundraiser for the 26.2 hour marathon.

We currently have raised almost $17,000 and will only stop playing the song if we reach $26,200, or until we run out of time. You can donate at