In honor of Moms weekend here at UIUC, WPGU’s web staff has put together a collection of songs dedicated to our mama’s. When we hear these tunes, we cannot help but think of the wonderful women that raised us.


I always wondered how my mom did it all, from getting my butt in gear every morning to getting to the office on time. The answer, unbeknownst to me, was simple. A lifestyle, hardstyle to be honest.

Between dropping my brother and I off at school in the minivan and kicking corporate butt my mom, yes the woman herself, blasted only the best DJs (the more tattoos they had the better) and shook her perfectly highlighted hair to the technotronics. It’s no wonder that I do the same when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. But what was her favorite song, and consequently mine? No Beef, by Afrojack. It’s a quick reminder that we “won’t break down tonight”.

-Margo Van Loon

Goodnight Tonight – Wings
In honor of my lovely mami, this is her favorite song by her favorite band. The first time I heard this song she was playing it on YouTube and was so excited to discover that she could find and listen to any song ever on YouTube. Anyway, this song is funky and sweet, just like her. Also, shout out to her for raising me with this music, it’s been the root of my life. Paul McCartney forever.
-Kayla Martinez

My mom is a huge fan of most contemporary music. To say the least, she and I do not have the same taste in music. However, my mom did have a long period where she particularly enjoyed the music of John Mayer, and I also am a fan. Mayer’s “Dreaming With a Broken Heart” was just sad enough for my teen angst, as well as fitting into my moms interests. 
-Harrison Lindholm


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Harrison Lindholm is a Junior at U of I. He is from Lake Forest, Illinois. Aside from listening to music, and finding new artists, he enjoys fishing, camping, and trying to play guitar.

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