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Maybe one of the most anticipated albums of my entire life is Harry Styles’ self titled album coming out May 12. I have a lot of guesses as to what the album will sound like as a whole, and after hearing Harry perform on SNL this week, I have some more educated guesses. This playlist is a mixture of songs that I think will give us all a very educated glimpse into what Harry Styles’ album might sound like.
1. Man On Fire by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Starting off with a folksy theme, “Man On Fire” might be more stylistic than what I imagine Harry’s album will be like. Nevertheless, “Man On Fire” is a perfect example of what folk music has involved into and how alternative and folk has merged.
2. The Woodpile by Frightened Rabbit
Frightened Rabbit always relies on such raw vocals, which is something I foresee Harry highlighting. “The Woodpile” is less of a folksy-alternative mixture, but still a good tune.
3. The Girl by City and Colour
Maybe the easiest way to make me like a song is to make it a cute love song. City and Colour is an expert in this realm, so expertly advertised with “The Girl”. An aspect of Harry’s album we probably could all guess would be that it will be full of love songs, love drama, etc. and you better believe I already like it.
4. Take It All Back 2.0 by Judah and the Lion
Instrumental spotlight is a key part of Judah and the Lion, which is also something I can see Harry taking advantage of. The raw instrumentation Judah and the Lion uses in their songs is recognizable, but never overdone. “Take It All Back 2.0” mixes unique instrumentation with frantic vocalization, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
5. Ballad of a Dying Man by Father John Misty
All Harry Styles conversations aside, Father John Misty presented an extremely new and lovable album with Pure Comedy. “Ballad of a Dying Man”, like many Father John Misty songs, has surprising lyrics with unique meanings. Father John Misty has had some insider knowledge about Harry’s album and he advertised that the album is great. If I trust anyone with predictions about Harry’s album, its Father John Misty.
6. You by The 1975
Not at all similar to Harry Styles’ predicted sound, The 1975 is still a large influence on Harry Styles’ album. The 1975 has covered One Direction songs (sorry) and while it blew my mind, it wasn’t what The 1975 usually sings. Being more “techno” or interested in the more alternative side of the music realm, The 1975 probably played an influence on Harry’s album, maybe suggesting different instrumentation. One can only hope.
7. Sign of the Times by Harry Styles
Who would I be if I didn’t include the single just released from Harry’s album? While I totally expected this sound from Harry, I can’t wait to hear his entire album and find those unique songs a little too weird for mainstream radio.
By: Maggie Knoll 

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