On-air personalities

Alex Velis

WPGU is Alex Velis’ first ever experience with radio. The Glenview, IL native is currently studying Business at the University of Illinois. Alex decided that he needed a break from all the numbers, so he turned to WPGU for some assistance. On the side, he is a big Cubs and Blackhawks fan. His favorite TV shows are Curb your Enthusiasm and Frasier, and he looks forward to spending the next three years on air. You can catch him on Take it Away, Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5 PM on WPGU 107.1.


Annabelle Hladik

Radio raised Annabelle–or, as most have dubbed her, “Belle”–from a young age. Hearing hits, hidden gems, and hardcore rock n roll over the air inspired her to create her own hodgepodge-y playlists and showcase them on road trips or at parties. Through her involvement in and love of musicals, Belle also discovered a knack for public speaking, and before she knew it, everyone around her had suggested radio broadcast as a potential avenue for her passions. With a little help from her friends at WPGU, she found a home for her skills as well as one big, happy DJ family. When away from the mic, Belle reverts into her amiable, starry-eyed self and spends as much time as possible with the greatest friend she could ever ask for–Electric Light Orchestra music. That stuff TRANSCENDS. Her hobbies include hugging fluffy animals, sending everyone in her phone only the finest memes on the market, and loudly whistling wherever she goes–catch her rendition of the Twitter bird notification tone sometime!


Angela Kerndl

Angela is a broadcast journalism student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She recently spent six months eating her way through Mexico. She looks forward to spending another six months studying abroad, this time in Hong Kong. She is currently training for her first marathon and hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon. She loves spending time cooking while listening to NPR. You can follow her on instagram @angelakerndl and @hangry.angela!…also, her spirit animal is Haruki Murakami.


Armani Baker

Armani Rekea is a proud native of the south side of Chicago. In the beginning of 2018, she earned her certificate of completion from Chicago’s Second City Training Center Improvisation Program. She loves performing with her ensemble around the city, writing fictional monologues and poetry, and exploring new restaurants. Armani’s favorite artists are Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and Maxwell. If she could live anywhere in the world it would be in the city of Atlanta. She believes nothing is better than discussing current events, politics of identity, and influences on education while eating hot wings and kool-aid with friends!


Camilia Araque

I’m Camilia Araque, Louisville, KY native, here in Illinois to put on my boogie shoes and make my dance dreams come true as a dance major at UIUC as well as spreading my love for music to all the beautiful people of chambana as an on-air personality for WPGU 107.1 FM. You can catch me Sunday’s 11am-1pm for my “Shoegaze Sunday” speciality show which consists of some new music, oldies but goodies, that drone stuff, that grunge stuff, that weird stuff… mhm think of bands that are looking down at their feet while they play and have really intense extensive pedal boards, Tidy or messy, whatever floats your boat. Oh and as a new bass guitar player in training, any song with a good bass-line has my heart. I also host the “Loud and Local” show, Sunday’s at 7pm, alongside an awesome team of other WPGU staffers where I get to meet, listen to, and chat with the incredibly talented musicians located locally and sometimes outsiders when we’re feeling fancy. In general I hope to bring some of my Kentucky southern hospitality charm to my talk breaks and interviews.


Having conversations with people and making all those wild connections and then it feeling like you go way back with them; you may never see them again but it was good while it lasted and you put their now familiar face in your brain files… I want to play music that reminds you of home, people, places and maybe roads you used to go down to bring on the nostalgia. Tune into WPGU to get a breath of fresh air, listen to MOST EXCELLENT music, have the stars align, and make the world smaller than it already is. Follow my Facebook page- Shoegaze Sunday WPGU 107.1, my spotify account- camiliaaraque27, and let me know if you want to start a band! (a certified good time of shredding/slapping and swinging on microphones that hang down) See you folks around! “Strange things are afoot at the circle K.”


David Messina

David is a lanky, silly boy who loves laughing and making people laugh. When he’s not co-hosting “Take It Away!” on the Tuesday and Thursday shift, he’s probably performing improv comedy, writing sketches, or fantasizing about being at a life stage where he can responsibly own multiple greyhounds. He is excited to be a part of the WPGU family and is thankful for all those he is working with and for the listeners willing to tune in and help a young lad fulfill his dream of having strangers listen to him ramble!


Madeline Vogt

Hey guys! I’m Maddie and I’m currently still transitioning out of my middle school emo phase. You can find me listening to indie rock, taking naps at Espresso Royale, or raving about my home state, Minnesota (RIP Prince). If I won the lottery, I’d probably spend it all on Kanye’s clothing line in an attempt to appear more hip.


Maggie Knoll

Combining a love of music, writing and talking, Maggie found her sweet spot at WPGU and has stayed around for almost 2 and a half years. Finding new music is Maggie’s favorite pasttime, along with discovering niche albums at your local record store and being jealous of people going to awesome concerts. Maggie loves to review music On-Air as well as introduce her listeners to what she has been listening to lately. Besides music, Maggie also enjoys coming home to her loving dog, Ace, and a giant bag of Cheetos (the classic kind, not puffs, because she says it matters).


Mateo Muro

The name “Mateo” means “Gift of God” and the last name “Muro” means “to FM Radio.” Mateo is a man of the people, ready to tell you about all the going ons of the city and how great you look. He grew up in Chicago but he loves the Champaign DIY music scene. In real life you can count on him to bring the Modelos and some dangerous dance moves.


Megan Zou

Born in Iowa, and raised in California, Megan has always been a shy girl who is passionate about music. She would sing in the room all the time and related to Debby Ryan’s character in the movie Radio Rebel. Radio Rebel is what got her interested in becoming a DJ because she gets to introduce and jam to songs while allowing herself to be heard by the public. Working at WPGU has allowed Megan to feel more comfortable in her own shoes and overcome her fears of openly expressing herself.


Theo Rosenberg

From a musically oriented family in Skokie, Illinois, I’ve always had a passion for music. As soon as I was able to choose his own music to listen to, hip-hop has been I go to choice every single day. Growing up listening to artists like Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Kanye West, and Jay-Z, gave me a solid foundation of the art form that I have carried on throughout my life, and subsequently landed me WPGU. I’m one of four hosts on the alternative hip-hop show, “Can I Kick It”, I occasionally write for the website, and I also am the videographer for “Loud and Local”. When I’m not talking about rap, I like to dabble in music production, film production, working out, and am very active on social media. You can follow me on all social media’s @imatheologist.


Thomas Dillon

Hello! I’m Thomas, a DJ here at WPGU. Each week, I host a program called Six Degrees, which takes a look at the biggest stories in the news today and connects them to larger ideas from the world of music. Tune in every Friday to hear what critics describe as “mildly opinionated” and “highly disconcerting.”


Tommy Lyczko

Hailing from the northwest suburb of Des Plaines, Illinois, Tommy has always had a passion for music. He first got started on-air at high school’s radio station, WMTH 90.5 FM and has since fallen in love with broadcasting. Now a communication major and the University of Illinois, Tommy loves to rant endlessly about various topics and keeping up with the latest music trends. His hobbies include longboarding, screenwriting, and ordering half of the Taco Bell menu each and every visit.


Veronika Almukhametova (DJ Name: Xanadu)

Xanadu is a song by the Canadian progressive rock band Rush from their 5th studio album: A Farewell to Kings. Written by the drummer of the band, Neil Peart, the song is approximately eleven minutes long and is a narrative inspired by the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem titled Kubla Khan. The song is masterfully performed by Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart, master musicians in each of their respective crafts. Defined by Dictionary.com, Xanadu is “an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty.”