Want to know the name of the song you heard this morning? Check out our playlist to find out what songs played earlier today!

ArtistTitleAir Time
Grouplove Enlighten Me 08:01 AM
Moose Blood Knuckles 08:05 AM
Elsinore The Art of Pulling 08:09 AM
Twenty One Pilots The Judge 08:13 AM
Chad Sugg Jack & Marla 08:17 AM
Withershins Falling Waltz 08:21 AM
The 92's Kill Your Idols 08:25 AM
Portugal. The Man Feel It Still 08:29 AM
Wombats, The Let's Dance To Joy Division 08:31 AM
Paramore Idle Worship 08:35 AM
The Threads It's Over 08:38 AM
Vampire Weekend A-Punk 08:41 AM
Ex Cops Black Soap 08:43 AM
PVRIS What's Wrong 08:48 AM
Rise Against Savior 08:53 AM
Green Day American Idiot 08:57 AM
311 Amber 09:00 AM
Vinyl Theatre Breaking Up My Bones 09:03 AM
Killers, The Runaways 09:06 AM
Bastille Blame 09:10 AM
Bad Suns Cardiac Arrest 09:13 AM
Jimmy Eat World Get Right 09:16 AM
Shins, The Simple Song 09:19 AM
Embers End Dirty Little Lies 09:23 AM
Weezer Feels Like Summer 09:27 AM
White Reaper Make Me Wanna Die 09:31 AM
Ashland No Trouble 09:33 AM
Grouplove Shark Attack 09:36 AM
The Revivalists Wish I Knew You 09:40 AM
The Mowgli's Im Good 09:45 AM
Mannequins Breathe Part of the Monotony 09:48 AM
Imagine Dragons Thunder 09:51 AM
Anthony D'Amato Rain On A Strange Roof 09:54 AM
Bleachers Don't Take The Money 09:57 AM
Linkin Park Crawling 10:01 AM
Un Chien Amarillo 10:04 AM
Animal Collective Kinda Bonkers 10:08 AM
Midnight Mystery Club Calling Me 10:11 AM
Postal Service Such Great Heights 10:15 AM
Arcade Fire Everything Now 10:19 AM
Elsinore The General 10:24 AM
Tame Impala Let It Happen 10:28 AM
Decadents I'd Rather Be Lonely 10:32 AM
Saint Motel My Type 10:38 AM
R.E.M. Crush With Eyeliner 10:41 AM
New Politics 15 Dreams 10:46 AM
Phoenix Lasso 10:49 AM
PVRIS Heaven 10:52 AM
Pearl Jam Mind Your Manners 10:56 AM
Twenty One Pilots Cancer 10:59 AM
IAMDYNAMITE Where Will We Go 11:03 AM
Foreign Figures Fire 11:06 AM
Sir Sly High 11:10 AM
30 Seconds to Mars The Kill (Bury Me) 11:14 AM
Looming Tried and True 11:17 AM
Stone Temple Pilots Sour Girl 11:21 AM
Disconnected Genius Quietly Into The Night 11:25 AM
Imagine Dragons Radioactive 11:28 AM
The Tragic Thrills Ain't Scared 11:31 AM
Ashland Closer 11:35 AM
Soundgarden Spoonman 11:39 AM
John Aulabaugh Existential Crisis 11:44 AM
Julien Baker Sprained Ankle 11:48 AM
Paramore Hard Times 11:50 AM
Animal Collective What Would I Want Sky 11:53 AM
Weezer Troublemaker 11:57 AM
The 92s Gone Away 12:00 AM
Backseat Goodbye Letdown of the Year 12:04 AM
Tame Impala Elephant 12:07 AM
Nine Inch Nails Closer 12:11 AM
Rise Against The Violence 12:17 AM
Death Cab For Cutie The Sound of Settling 12:21 AM
Pierce Fulton Pantheon 12:23 AM