Maybe it’s the dreary and bleak weather, but I always get the overwhelming want to dress in all black around this time of year. I’ve also realized that just as weather dictates what clothes I choose to wear, my outfit seems to also correlate to what music I decide to blast for the day. To me, an all black outfit screams “angsty punk rocker.” For those of you who are following my strange train of logic or who also enjoy embracing your inner punk, the following playlist was made for you. Included are classics like “Cherry Bomb” and “I Wanna Be Sedated,” as well as some early 2000s hits and recent jams. Whether it’s garage (ie: “Brainstorm” and “Judas”) or west-coast punk (ie: “West Coast” and “Gamma Knife”), this playlist is perfect for those of you who want to embrace your inner rebel.

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