Pygmalion Takeover: Day 2

In what promises to be another fantastic day following some of the juggarnauts kicking off the festival, Thursday won’t let you down. Here are some of our recommendations of what shows you should get out and see for Pygmalion Music Festival’s second day.

Canopy Club

Santah: 9 PM
Coming off the release of their stellar debut, White Noise Bed, Champaign-Urbana’s own Santah makes their festival appearance on night 2, which is surely a must-see performance. The band has been on tour most of the summer, playing some local and other outdoor festivals, and will continue into the fall with some upcoming east coast dates. Better catch them while you can. Frontman Stan McConnell leads the indie rockers as the band will show off their material surrounded by bands, and night 2 at the Canopy Club turned out to be a very fitting bill for the band as far as sound goes.

VIDEO: Santah, “White Noise Bed” [Live]

Fang Island: 10:45 PM

Noise, noise and more noise. What’s there not to like about the Rhode Island native band Fang Island. Their sound is explosive, and if you listen to the beginning of their record you’ll hear some sort of firecrackers going off. Don’t think that they didn’t do that on purpose, it’s pretty fitting gesture to start out the record. Their highly acclaimed self-titled debut has drawn the attention of just about everyone, and they’re bringing their “math-rock” five piece to blow out some speakers at Canopy. If you don’t think you can handle it, bring your earplugs, folks.

VIDEO: Fang Island, “Sideswiper” [Live]

Surfer Blood: 12:30 AM

Constructing your album in your dorm room isn’t exactly the best or most luxurious studio, right? Wrong. Not for Surfer Blood at least. That’s exactly what Florida students did, and did well. Their debut Astro Coast is sure to end up on many end-of-the-year lists by most critics, and for good reasons. Hell, they’ve booked a fall tour with gloom-rockers Interpol off of their debut record. Impressive? Yes. Deserved? Absolutely. The band closes out the night at Canopy, sure to scatter some new tunes into their already solid set list. They may look young and harmless, but they have a massive shark on the cover of their record, so watch out.

VIDEO: Surfer Blood, “Take It Easy” [Live]

Independent Media Center

Those Darlins: 9:30 PM

This Tennessee crew isn’t one to be taken lightly. Their fuzzy garage rock is impressive and not like many others that fall into the genre. Their harmonic twang and swinging melodies are sure to blow the roof off of the IMC on this night. Aside from their stellar self-titled debut (fittingly with a glass of liquor gracing the cover), their newest single and 7-inch “Nightjogger” is available now and is a definite must-have before you see them Thursday night. They may be the type of band you’d expect to see at a bar drinking whiskey, but tonight you’ll have to settle for this setting to experience their live show.

VIDEO: Those Darlins, “The Whole Damn Thing” [Live]

High Dive

Plastician: 12:30 AM

Chris Reed, aka Plastician, brings some of the best dubstep the music world has to offer. The London native comes across the pond to give us a taste of what grime and dubstep are all about, and it’ll make for an interesting set at what is sure to be a packed and sweaty night at the High Dive with the other DJs and mash-up artists. Be sure to check out some of his work at his Myspace account as well as the other work he’s produced in order to get a feel for what his material is all about.

VIDEO: Plastician, “Salt Air” [Live]

Canopy Club
7:30 — World’s First Flying Machine
8:15 — Turbo Fruits
9:00 — Santah
9:45 — Cults
10:45 — Fang Island
11:45 — Psychic Twin
12:30 — Surfer Blood

Independent Media Center
7:30 — Mean Lids
8:30 — The Duke of Uke
9:30 — Those Darlins

High Dive
9:00 — Wompstars
9:30 — Belly
10:30 — Solo
11:30 — Nameloc
12:30 — Plastician

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