[Program Director]

Mateo Muro


What’s good? My name’s Mateo and I like music, beer, video-games, and describing myself in online biographies. In case you’re wondering, I only sort of know how to drive a moped. The bike is my friend’s but I think I look cooler behind them than he does.

[Associate Program Director]

[Social Media Director]

Shannon Fricke


What’s up guys! My name is Shannon but people call me Shano The Rapper (only I call myself that). I love Chance The Rapper, music blogging, and NPR. Whenever I’m not busy on the social medias talking to you folks, I am getting a kick out of my guilty pleasures that include, but are not limited to, eating an entire pack of Oreos in one sitting, using brunch as an excuse to eat a day’s worth of calories for breakfast, and rapping in the shower.


[Production Director]

Connor Sterling


I may be the production director at WPGU, but in my spare time I hold a grudge against John Stamos. My inability to draw anything realistic haunts me to this day. Catch me at your local Dairy Queen trying to understand how they make the blizzard.

Jordan Goldberg

[Marketing Director]


Hi, my name is Jordan and I like to party. Additionally, I also like music, writing poetry, and dogs. I am an avid candle collector and my favorite type of cheese is a good aged Vermont white cheddar. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, finding new music, being the best at mini-golf, and going camping/hiking.

[Web Director]

Tyler Panlilio


Hey! I’m Tyler. I enjoy banana bread, good movies, the smell outside after it rains, and music.  I’m a sucker for song and album reviews, most notably from Pitchfork, TheNeedleDrop, and Pigeons & Planes. If I’m not doing any of these, I’m probably trying my darndest to stay awake in class. Send me an email if you want to try writing your own reviews on the latest music!

[Engineering Director]

Nikhil Mehta 


Hi! I’m Nikhil, WPGU’s resident geek. I love music of all shapes and sizes, and when I’m not at the station, I can be found dogspotting, climbing trees, *or* falling off my longboard. Hit me up if you’re interested in learning how a radio station runs!


[Music Director]

Bridget Mueller-Brennan


Hey what up I’m Bridget! I’ve been a fan of WPGU since I was a kid, and I’ve been on air since freshman year. You may know me from Request Live in which case you know that I am a shameless fan of Twenty One Pilots, PVRIS, The Tragic Thrills, Backseat Goodbye or anything local. I secretly wish I was cool enough to be emo but instead I’m just a total hipster nerd (I totally knew TOP before they were famous, just saying). I’m studying math and biology and am obsessed with whales. Please feel free to contact me about music things!

Take care polar bear!