(Program Director) What's up party people, I'm Tommy and I'm the Program Director here at WPGU. I've worked here since I was a tiny little Freshman, and have worked in all of the different departments. My favorite bands are Blink, Sum 41 and New Found Glory, but I do dabble in all types of music. On air I'm known as Soup, and I also work at KAM's so if you ever feel like getting drunk and listening to good music, give me a call.

(Music Director) I'm a violin performance major, and when not studying music you can find me at shows, playing with bands, hanging out with my dog, or eating pizza. I listen to music and write things!

(Program Director) Yo yo yo! My name is Kevin, I’m a student by day and an aspiring rapper/sushi chef by night. I love listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and eating McDonalds, where I get an apple pie every time I order.

Hey, my name is Claire and I've been at WPGU since 2012. I like baseball, food, and reading alone in a dimly lit and slightly chilly room.