Nectarios-Nicholas Kourtis

[Program Director]

Hey! My name is Nectarios! I am from Greece which means I have watched 300 and My Big Fat Greek Wedding at least one hundred times each. On my free time I stare at my phone until my friends send me a snap. Don’t worry, I have friends… His name is Bob! Otherwise I watch Jimmy Fallon fantasizing that I will have my own talk show one day. I also love listening to Bono! What? U2?!? Same!


Shannon Fricke

[Associate Program Director] [Social Media Director]

What’s up guys! My name is Shannon but people call me Shano The Rapper (only I call myself that). I love Chance The Rapper, music blogging, and NPR. Whenever I’m not busy on the social medias talking to you folks, I am getting a kick out of my guilty pleasures that include, but are not limited to, eating an entire pack of Oreos in one sitting, using brunch as an excuse to eat a day’s worth of calories for breakfast, and rapping in the shower.


Connor Sterling

[Production Director]

I may be the production director at WPGU, but in my spare time I hold a grudge against John Stamos. My inability to draw anything realistic haunts me to this day. Catch me at your local Dairy Queen trying to understand how they make the blizzard.


Theo Rosenberg

[Marketing Director]

Hi! My name is Theo and I’m the Marketing Director here at WPGU. When I’m not coming up with ways to promote the station or talking about hip-hop on Can I Kick It, I like listening to music, making music, taking photos, and going to the arc. Just in case you want to surprise me with food at the station, sushi is my favorite.


Tyler Panlilio

[Web Director]

Hey! I’m Tyler. I enjoy banana bread, good movies, the smell outside after it rains, and music.  I’m a sucker for song and album reviews, most notably from Pitchfork, TheNeedleDrop, and Pigeons & Planes. If I’m not doing any of these, I’m probably trying my darndest to stay awake in class. Send me an email if you want to try writing your own reviews on the latest music!


Nikhil Mehta 

[Engineering Director]

Hi! I’m Nikhil, WPGU’s resident geek. I love music of all shapes and sizes, and when I’m not at the station, I can be found dogspotting, climbing trees, *or* falling off my longboard. Hit me up if you’re interested in learning how a radio station runs!


Jordan Kahn

[Music Director]

I like short walks on the beach (exercising is hard) and making music even though I know literally nothing about it. I’m a CS major in training and trying not to die on a daily basis. My favorite genres of music are electronic, hip hop and indie rock.  Have any song suggestions? Send them to me at

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