(Program Director) I'm from Seattle, which pretty much means that I'm a grunge junky. Nirvana is king, but sometimes, you just wanna jam out to some One Direction. Just kidding. Anyways, I secretly want to be a hipster. That way, I wouldn't be weird; I'd be alternative.

(Assistant Program Director) Heyyoo! I am from small town Illinois and have been glad to find a group of people who like to listen to something other than songs about fried chicken and hunting dogs. I like to jam to anything from the Beastie Boys to my guilty pleasure, Taylor Swift. My hobbies include Settlers of Catan, Taco Bell, and getting a little too loud. Listen to Erik and me crush the airwaves on Tuesday and Thursday from 1-3 PM.

(Music Director) Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist....wait that's not me. Semi-broke, Netflix junky, Chicagoan, music enthusiast? Yea alright... If you see me on the street be like, "Hey, you're that dude from the radio" and I'll say, "Hey, yea that's me!"

(Marketing Director) I'm Mandy Rodio and i'm currently a junior studying advertising. On most days you can find me attempting to play the guitar like i'm Jimi Hendrix or reciting every line to School of Rock. The Black Keys will forever be my favorite band and for those who disagree, don't ever admit it to me.

(Production Manager) I'm a computer engineering major who probably ought to be studying music. I love singing poorly in the shower, long walks on the beach, and getting caught in the rain. When not playing with my band or other friends you can probably find me listening to bands like The Head and the Heart or Snarky Puppy.

(Web Manager) My name is Eric Holmes and I'm a senior majoring in Philosophy and Psychology. I love listening to music and discovering new things to listen to. I love bands like Pavement, Can, Yo La Tengo and Neutral Milk Hotel. When not listening to music, you can probably find me in a bar.

(Social Media Director) My name is Tommy, and you'll occasionally find me wearing a bacon costume around town. If you see me in it, I probably wont remember ever talking to you. Stay Weird.

(On-air News Director) I'm Tiffany, your over caffeinated On-air News Director. I'm a graduate student (aka the ultimate super senior) in broadcast journalism. Before coming to UIUC from Birmingham,AL, I traveled to parts of Africa and Bosnia-Herzegovina studying post conflict transformation. I hope to one day broadcast news live from conflict regions around the world as a foreign correspondent. Peace...