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[Program Director]

Kevin Sanji

I’m Kevin Sanji, the Program Director at WPGU. I like to spend my nights cozied up by a fireplace enjoying a bottle of Danimals. On the side, I’m an aspiring rapper, podcaster, sushi-chef, and bodybuilder. Get in contact if you want to talk business or buy my mixtape!



[Associate Program Director]

Alexandra Anderson

Hey there! I’m Alex Anderson. Most people know that I’ll kill every lyric to any rap song, but best believe alternative will always be number one in my heart. Catch me on air ranking Champaign’s wing spots and overcoming the stereotype of gingers not having souls.



news guy

[On-Air News Editor]

Devyn Tammons

Hi! My name is Devyn Tammons, but secretly I’m the last living heir of the Targaryen Dynasty. One day I will reclaim the Iron Throne as mine and reunite Westeros but until then you can catch me watching movies and doing other nerd crap. News is my trade so if you want to talk current events I’m your man.



[Marketing Director]

Ross Bessinger

Whats going on, My name is Ross Bessinger and I’m the Marketing Director here at WPGU.  Marketing/Advertising is my life.  Been doing promotion work since 2013.  Besides WPGU you can catch me preforming as DJ Mixerman both around campus and in Chicago, or jamming out on a drum set in a garage.  Besides music, pizza is also a fine love of mine.  If you see me out on the street come say hi!


marketing director

[Assistant Marketing Director]

Lauren Scafidi

What’s up guys! My name is Lauren and I’m the Assistant Marketing Director here for WPGU. When you tweet at WPGU or interact with us on social media, you’re tweeting at me actually so yeah I’ll take credit for all the bad social media posts that were supposed to be funny but were just awkward. When I’m on-air at the station I’m looking for a good song to play but catch me on a Friday or a Saturday morning walking around Champaign looking for my dignity I lost the night before.


drummer boy

[Web Producer]

Mateo Muro

What’s good? My name’s Mateo and I like music, beer, video-games, and describing myself in online biographies. In case you’re wondering, I only sort of know how to play the drums you see in my picture. The kit is my friend’s but I think I look cooler behind them than he does.


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[Engineering Director]

CD Holder

After quickly realizing that I had no possible chance of attaining my lifelong vision of being Central Illinois’s newest On-Air Prodigy, I took to the shadows that is WPGU Engineering to ensure that the station find its one true vocal personality. Until that day I will be listening to the sweet songs of Blink-182 while I cry and wonder what could have been, if I could only form coherent sentences with a microphone in front of my face.



[Music Director]

Bridget Mueller-Brennan

Hey what up I’m Bridget! I’ve been a fan of WPGU since I was a kid, and I’ve been on air since freshman year. You may know me from Request Live in which case you know that I am a shameless fan of Twenty One Pilots, PVRIS, The Tragic Thrills, Backseat Goodbye or anything local. I secretly wish I was cool enough to be emo but instead I’m just a total hipster nerd (I totally knew TOP before they were famous, just saying). I’m studying math and biology and am obsessed with whales. Please feel free to contact me about music things!

Take care polar bear!