Tuesday Tunes

Alternative is a very diverse genre of music. There’s rock alternative, indie alternative and even pop alternative. Although I do not dabble in a lot of pop alternative, there are some good finds. This playlist is a compilation of some of my favorite more pop alternative songs.


  1. Garden Grays – Wildcat! Wildcat

This song is just happy from the song alone. Of course, a happy sound does not tag a sound as “pop” but it still utilizes some of the many rhythms featured in pop songs, but with an alternative twist.


  1.  Get Together – Bahari

“Get Together” is an easily likeable song. It is peppy and catchy, but it still has an alternative touch that makes it different from the pop songs it can be compared to.


  1.  I’ll Believe in Anything – Wolf Parade

Maybe more on the alternative side, “I’ll Believe in Anything” offers an uphill climb into an alternative trip. Every listener is slowly immersed into the alternative style while still enjoying the comfort and familiarity of pop.


  1.  Puzzle Pieces – Saint Motel

Saint Motel is easily one of the happiest bands that comes to mind when thinking of the alternative genre. Even if the lyrics are on the sadder or darker side, the musicality and talents utilized in each song makes it light and airy.


  1.   I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers

Again on the more alternative side of the spectrum, Bleachers has an interesting start to an alternatively peppy song focusing on a sadder topic. If you listen to this song happy or sad, there’s no doubt you’ll be hooked right off the bat.


  1.   Amerika – Young the Giant

Young the Giant has a very similar sound and style to the other artists on this list and it shares the quality that it can cheer up any listener. Recognizable in its distinct style as a band, Young the Giant has hit the pop music charts a handful of times while still holding their own in the alternative genre.


  1.   Houdini – Foster the People

Whenever I think of Young the Giant, I always pair it with Foster the People. Maybe when I first started listening to Young the Giant, I also started listening to Foster the People. Although these bands do not have similar sounds, they are both popular in the pop genre but can offer unique takes in the alternative world.


  1.   Portugal – WALK THE MOON

WALK THE MOON is most known for their hit “Shut Up and Dance” on the pop charts which only gives a glimpse into their true style. “Portugal” follows a similar style and sound to “Shut Up and Dance” but can still give pop music a run for its money. With its use of synthesizers and unique vocal harmonizations to the musical instruments, WALK THE MOON knows how to make a successful pop alternative tune.

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