Kyra Puetz

Kyra grew up listening to whatever music her dad blasted throughout the house every Sunday as her and her siblings did chores. From a young age, Kyra fell in love with the Beatles, Hall and Oates, and Smashing Pumpkins, among others. It wasn’t until her older brother introduced her to Cage the Elephant that Kyra truly fell in love in with all things music. When Kyra’s not grinding away at the gym (AKA working at her desk job-not working out), you can probably find her making yet another Spotify playlist, looking up the meanings behind her favorite songs, or listening to Modern Baseball. She also enjoys browsing Reddit or binge-watching anything with John Mulaney or Andy Samberg. Give her a follow on Twitter or Spotify at kyrapuetz and shoot her some song recommendations because she is always looking for new music.


Madeline Vogt

Hey guys! I’m Maddie and I’m currently still transitioning out of my middle school emo phase. You can find me listening to indie rock, taking naps at Espresso Royale, or raving about my home state, Minnesota (RIP Prince). If I won the lottery, I’d probably spend it all on Kanye’s clothing line in an attempt to appear more hip.


Maggie Knoll

Combining a love of music, writing and talking, Maggie found her sweet spot at WPGU and has stayed around for almost 2 and a half years. Finding new music is Maggie’s favorite pasttime, along with discovering niche albums at your local record store and being jealous of people going to awesome concerts. Maggie loves to review music On-Air as well as introduce her listeners to what she has been listening to lately. Besides music, Maggie also enjoys coming home to her loving dog, Ace, and a giant bag of Cheetos (the classic kind, not puffs, because she says it matters).


Mateo Muro

The name “Mateo” means “Gift of God” and the last name “Muro” means “to FM Radio.” Mateo is a man of the people, ready to tell you about all the going ons of the city and how great you look. He grew up in Chicago but he loves the Champaign DIY music scene. In real life you can count on him to bring the Modelos and some dangerous dance moves.


Paige Patano

Paige’s two favorite things in the world are music and writing, so it only made sense for her to combine these two passions and write about music. She is a sophomore studying clinical psychology, but music is still a huge part of her life. She is an avid fan of alternative music, and has a particular fondness for The Smiths, Bon Iver, and Lorde, to name a few. Paige loves going to concerts (she saw 27 artists perform last year and will not let anyone forget it), staying up to date with the latest album releases, and obsessively updating her Spotify playlists. Other obsessions include dogs, coffee, and weird socks.


Theo Rosenberg

From a musically oriented family in Skokie, Illinois, I’ve always had a passion for music. As soon as I was able to choose his own music to listen to, hip-hop has been I go to choice every single day. Growing up listening to artists like Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Kanye West, and Jay-Z, gave me a solid foundation of the art form that I have carried on throughout my life, and subsequently landed me WPGU. I’m one of four hosts on the alternative hip-hop show, “Can I Kick It”, I occasionally write for the website, and I also am the videographer for “Loud and Local”. When I’m not talking about rap, I like to dabble in music production, film production, working out, and am very active on social media. You can follow me on all social media’s @imatheologist.