Weekly-Wrap Up : April 30 – May 6

Summer is right around the bend … so students are studying for finals and non-students are working hard to get some time off, right … ? Oh. Or not. I don’t know about you, but I plan to have just as much fun this week, regardless of exams. (Because exams are just gross. 🙁 ) So let’s kick back, relax and start summer a little early ….

Monday, April 30: The usual 80s night at Cowboy Monkey, plus a free book giveaway at The Urbana Free Library and a new (also free) exhibit on Carnaval at Spurlock Museum.

Tuesday, May 1: Piano Man is, as per usual, gracing the Canopy Club tonight. Go check him out! 🙂
Also, May 1st marks the third annual Bike to Work/School Day. Bust out your bikes and be good to the environment and your cardiovascular health today!

Wednesday, May 2: The usual free salso and tango night at Cowboy Monkey. For something totally different, there’s also the usual dub-step inspiried 312 Vibe Night at Cowboy Monkey. Doors open at nine and cover is one dollar.

Thursday, May 3: Tom Hanks’ son, Chet Haze (Chester Hanks) is stopping by C-U on his first ever music tour. He’s a fusion of pop music, R&B and a lil’ funky fresh. He will also be releasing his first EP this summer, so this is your chance to say, “I heard him before he was popular.”

Friday, May 4: Chicago-based, bluesy and dream-folk. Three great things. Fall Fox, the band in question, is going to be playing at Mike ‘N’ Molly’s tonight. They released their first full-length, studio album in December 2011; this album is packed with energy, excitement and Bob Dylan-esque vocals. Local bands Trouvere and Year of the Bobcat are opening, and these are two very unique bands. You really can’t miss out on these guys. Trouever is upbeat, progressive rock that is coupled with a saxophone — this makes for a super attention-grabbing combination. They are also working on their first studio album, so make sure to give these guys some support! For something completely different, Year of the Bobcat is your classic heartfelt, lilting indie music. Nothing will go better with your deep thoughts and a PBR tonight. (I promise.)

Saturday, May 5: Mike ‘N’ Molly’s is the place to be tonight also. Local, hard rock faves, The Decadents, will be gracing the stage. After their performance at Unionfest, these guys are sure to get the crowd going. Opening act, The Sugar Prophet, are a group of groovy, fiery blues-lovin dudes. These guys were finalists in the 2011 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. If raw energy and down-home lyrics are your style, The Sugar Prophet is sure to please.

Sunday, May 6: Maybe you should actually study for one of your finals today?

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