What I’m Currently Listening to playlist

My listening routine has been all over the place lately so most of what I’ve been listening to has been older playlists. With the stress of midterms, applying for internships, and the general craziness that always seems to happen before spring break, there hasn’t been too much time for new music discovery. However, there have been a handful of songs, both new and old, that I’ve been enjoying quite a bit lately. Note my current obsessions, The Drums and TV Girl. The songs included by them are all a few years old but are new to me and just as good as the day they came out (I’m assuming). Please enjoy this quick playlist of what I’ve been listening to lately!

About Kyra Puetz

Kyra is a junior from the South Side of Chicago studying Advertising. She loves looking at album cover art and discovering new music. Besides the gift that is music, Kyra is a huge Harry Potter nerd and lover of stupid jokes.

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