Workout Queen playlist

Each week, various writers of WPGU post their playlists, which averages to about two playlists a week. There’s playlists for walking to class, rainy days, back to school-you name it, we probably have it. You can imagine my surprise when I searched the blog for workout playlists only to find that we have roughly two. Two old workout playlists are not nearly enough to satisfy the readers of WPGU, so without further ado, I’d like to throw my playlist into the ring. This playlist ranges from angsty emo to rap with appearances from Miley Cyrus, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Goldlink and even Keke Palmer. It’s completely random and unpredictable  just like my workout schedule.

About Kyra Puetz

Kyra is a junior from the South Side of Chicago studying Advertising. She loves looking at album cover art and discovering new music. Besides the gift that is music, Kyra is a huge Harry Potter nerd and lover of stupid jokes.

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