WPGU Must Listen: CLOVES

Coming up in the alternative music world, Cloves is a new edition to the long list of artists everyone needs to give a chance. Right from the get-go in any of her songs, Cloves proves that her vocal abilities are something to praise. Past her vocal abilities, Cloves is amazing in the lyrical department. Cloves has quite a distinct style: with her impressive vocal ability, she keeps most songs pretty acoustic so that all attention can be focused on her raw talent. This does not mean that Cloves neglects her instrumentality or accompaniment. It is obvious that Cloves knows where a song builds and where her instrumental supplements can play a supporting role.

With a soulful voice like hers, Cloves borders on talent like Adele, Maggie Rogers and Lana del Rey, while still trademarking herself as something totally unique. Although she sounds like some of the big names in the music industry, Cloves credits her style back to classics like Amy Winehouse and Etta James. Her style is easily linked to these esteemed artists, since she routinely showcases a soulful, mature style in all of her songs. To be even more surprising, Cloves began performing at just 12 years old. Even at this young age, her soulful, deeply moving sound was evident and only growing. Performing at lower level venues back in 2016 made way for Cloves, giving her a place to find her style on stage for her larger, future venues. Even as she gains more recognition for the talent she brings to the alternative/indie music world, Cloves remains true to herself and her style of music.


Take a listen to what Cloves has to offer here:

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