WPGU Presents: The 21st Annual Great Cover Up at the Highdive (Preview)

We’re a couple of weeks into the New Year, a time when healthful resolutions end and we instead pick up a giant case of Ben and Jerry’s to eat in front of the television. But instead of drowning your sorrows in trashy television and ice cream, why not get out and enjoy the sounds of Champaign Urbana at WPGU Presents: The 21st Annual Great Cover Up at The Highdive in Downtown Champaign.

This year marks the 21st Anniversary of The Great Cover Up, which means that it will be the best and biggest event of them yet. WPGU Presents: WPGU Presents: The 21st Annual Great Cover Up, is a four night extravaganza complete with 27 local bands who are all putting on a show as a “tribute” band for one night only to benefit the Champaign County Health Care Consumers (CCHCC).

Highlights from previous Cover Ups include Absinthe Blind as Michael Jackson, Hum as Led Zeppelin, and Lorenzo Goetz as Sublime. In reality, you never know who is going to come out on stage, but at least we have the full line-up so that you can plan accordingly. Below you’ll find a complete list of the line-up, tidbits about some of the acts performing and even some possible hints as to who they might be covering. Though to get the full experience, come on out to The Highdive January 14, 15, 17 and 19, support a great cause and see what these bands have to offer. Doors and bar open at 8:00pm and Showtime each night is 9:00pm. Tickets  are $7.00 at the door each night, but if you want to get your fill for a steal then think about getting the 3 night pass available for $15.00 or the 4 night pass available for $20.00 For tickets and more information check out thehighdive.com.


Saturday, January 14th @ The Highdive

Carnivale Debauche (9:00-9:20pm)

Carnivale Debauche is Champaign-Urbana’s own burlesque and Vaudeville troupe compiled of talented performers who will get the crowd involved. This group is sure to kick off WPGU Presents: The 21st Annual Cover Up with a BANG.

Trailer Park Moses (9:40-10:00pm)

This Acoustic/Metal/Rock band has a little something for everyone. Trailer Park Moses perform plenty of their own creations but thoroughly enjoy 90’s rock, classic rock covers and much more. Maybe if we’re lucky, Trailer Park Moses will pull out their rendition of some classic Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters or maybe even The Zombies.

Double Standard Practice (10:30-10:50pm)

Lonely Trailer (11:10-11:30pm)

Lonely Trailer are workers by day and storytellers by night. Their songs, loaded with harmonies, off-kilter lyrics, and unexpected hooks, are sure to catch your attention.

Amy Mitchell (11:50-12:15am)

Brother Embassy (12:35-1:00am)

Brother Embassy, known to many as Funk Rock to move your soul, is an act that’ll have you on your feet in no time. Blending together styles of rock, funk, and R&B, it’s all smooth and oh, so, Brother Embassy.


Sunday: January 15th @ The Highdive

Vanattica (9:00-9:20pm)

This original rock/alt/metal/pop act out of Champaign has been around since 2004, and have made an impact in the Midwest, playing over 200 self-booked shows and making an appearance at the 2008 Vans Warped Tour. Vanattica has stayed busy working on new tracks in studio and are taking time out of their schedule to play this special event as none other than: (must come to show to find out).

Missing the Point (9:35-9:55pm)

Alternative rockers Missing The Point have had a lot going for them this past year with the release of their second LP, “It Could Get A  Little Bit Better,” and they just keep getting better. An act not to miss.

The Palace Flophouse (10:10-10:30pm)

A once solo project, started by Bradley Bergstrand, has since grown to include Nathan Fry, Gretchen Shaw, Christopher Edison and Asa Dawson, and others. Though their lyrics stand alone, the rhythms are what set The Palace Flophouse apart, providing the ensemble with depth and edge.

Scathe (10:45-11:05pm)

Known for their powerful music and intense live performances, Scathe is sure to bring it for the occasion. With influences like Tool, Slayer, Helmet, Pantera, Megadeth, and Clutch there is no telling who they might be covering.

Mike Ingram (11:20-11:40pm)

A returning artist to the Great Cover Up, Mike Ingram has played as Journey and Lorenzo Goetz, but there is no telling who he’ll come out as this year.

Temple of Low Men (11:55-12:15am)

Though the Temple of Low Men disbanded a while back, but the universe has brought them back together for this special occasion!  Check them out while you can!

Kayla Brown and Amiel (12:35-1:00am)

Playing the Great Cover Up in 2010 as Feist, Kayle Brown is back…with Amiel Rysdahl.


Tuesday: January 17th @ The Highdive

Tommy G (9:00-9:20pm)

Electric Bitters (9:35-9:55pm)

What do you get when you throw together some wind chimes, handclaps, a saxophone, and some singing? Why, the Electric Bitters, playing at The Great Cover Up! It’s going to be crazy.

Evil Tents (10:10-10:30pm)

The Evil Tents are an Indie Folk Pop group made up of John Isberg, Nathan Westerman, Isaac Arms and Aron Stromberg. With a background in both electronic and acoustic music, this act showcases the best of both worlds.

Jet W Lee (10:45-10:05pm)

Jet W Lee, the love child between  nineties alternative rock and eighties punk though as guitarist and vocalist Jesse Johnson puts it, “we are solidly classified as loud alt rock.”

Scurvine (11:20-11:40pm)

Midstress/CUCollective (11:55-12:15am)

An act that has “BIG plans for the 21st Great Cover Up this year,” it’s Midstress/CUCollective. Be prepared, they are going to play like it’s their last chance to do so and it’ll blow your mind.

Roberta Sparrow (12:35-1:00am)

Hardcore/Punk has a new name, and that is Roberta Sparrow.  The band brings together the hardcore, punk, and metal and DIY music scene and makes it all work out on stage. Their furious style is sure to add fire to whichever artist they cover.


Thursday: January 19th @ The Highdive

Isaac Arms (9:00-9:20pm)

Isaac Arms is making the rounds this year, not only performing alongside John Isberg, Nathan Westerman and Aron Stromberg as the Evil Tents, but also as a solo performer who is sure to please.

Terminus Victor (9:35-9:55pm)

The Dirty Feathers (10:10-10:30pm)

The Dirty Feathers recently released album, Midnight Snakes, reached the ears of correspondents at National Public Radio (NPR) who put the album on the list of The Best 5 Bandcamp Albums of 2011. This local act has a lot in store for the final night of the Great Cover Up, so be prepared.

Sun Stereo (10:45-11:05pm)

Hot Cops (11:20-11:40pm)

The biggest hint from this act regarding their performance at this year’s Cover Up is that they’re “not doing R. Kelly this year.”

That’s No Moon (11:55-12:20am)

That’s No Moon is a rock band that somehow manages to incorporate genres such as latin, reggae, electro-pop, country, and hip hop into their mix. With such a diverse sound, they are sure to have you on your feet.

Hathaways (12:35-1:00am)

If you have yet to see this brother-sister duo, then now is your chance. Known for their incorporation of the charango, a small, ten-stringed folk instrument of the Peruvian Andes, their guitar work and rich vocal harmonies, Hathaways are something you have to hear to believe. Their cover will surely be astounding and a great way to round out this event

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