You might know them for their excitedly punctuated name, the
tri-syllable alternatives, or their punny song title, “Me and Giuliani Down By The Schoolyard.” If you don’t know them for their music, though, it’s about time you do. Marked by catchy melodies seamlessly threaded in and out of infectious dance beats, !!!’s Sunday afternoon set at Lollapalooza is a must-see. Keep on reading to get Nic Offer’s opinions on death battles, drugs, and future democratic leaders:

buzz: What’s the worst that anyone has ever botched your band name?
Nic Offer: Probably when we got initially tricked by the record company into letting them call it “Chk Chk Chk” on the record cover. Not that I’m mad; I’m over it. They did what they had to do, but we were tricked.

buzz: What’s the best three-syllable alternative to Chk Chk Chk that you’ve heard?
Nic: I like the original idea which is the three clicks of the tongue.

buzz: Who are you most excited to see at Lollapalooza?
Nic: We’re only there the day we play. So, Yo La Tengo, who play the same time as us.

buzz: If you could challenge any other act playing at
Lollapalooza in a fight to the death, who would you pick and why?
Nic: We’ll take anyone. Anyone.

buzz: Muse or Interpol: which will you be seeing during their overlapped time slot?
Nic: Funnily enough, I’m typing this from the press tent at a
festival in Switzerland, and Muse is playing. So if I wanted to see them, I wouldn’t be doing an e-interview, now would I? As for Interpol,
I saw them a couple of weeks ago at another Euro festival.
buzz: Assuming you won’t be voting for Giuliani, which presidential candidate would you choose to sponsor, and what would your song be called?
Nic: Perry Farrell. I don’t know what the song would be, but did you know you can always get a sing-along going by starting up “Jane Says?” It’s just G and A. You’re welcome.

buzz: Does the album cover of Myth Takes remind you more of Noah’s Ark or an animal orgy?
Nic: Of course it’s a Noah’s Ark reference, but where do you think they’re going?

buzz: Did you experience any goofy culture clashes while touring abroad?
Nic: They think we’re stars over here in Europe, and I’m not telling them different.

buzz: How much do you enjoy ecstasy on a scale of one to 10?
Nic: Doesn’t everyone enjoy it at 10? If it’s not at 10, you got some bad stuff.

buzz: You guys are known for putting on a sick live show. What’s your craziest – or most horrible – performance experience?
Nic: Puking ecstasy all over a Barcelona audience is pretty crazy, no?

buzz: Which band symbol do you find more aesthetically pleasing: yours or Prince’s?
Nic: I don’t know, they both look cool honestly, but … he doesn’t come up first on iPods, now does he?

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