10 Best Cover Songs

In the music industry, especially within the alternative genre, originality is typically invaluable; artists want to produce music for their listeners that is authentically their own. However, that doesn’t mean there is no value in a well-made cover. The artists featured on this playlist took songs and lyrics by fellow musicians and added their own sounds and twists to the originals. Lorde’s cover of “Swingin’ Party” by The Replacements is a personal favorite of mine that made the list, as well as Henry Green’s softer acoustic take on MGMT’s “Electric Feel.” Fans of the movie “Pulp Fiction” will recognize Urge Overkill’s slow-burning version of the Neil Diamond original, “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon.” And, I’d be remiss to leave out an honorable mention of Weezer’s Teal Album, which is completely made up of covers of songs from TLC, Electric Light Orchestra, and more. Happy listening!

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