100th Monday Mixer


Monday Mixers began three years ago as a way for the WPGU writers to blog about their favorite music or to write about whatever they were listening to at the time. Since then we’ve brought you great music (almost) every Monday. Originally, Mixers consisted of a group of mp3s to be downloaded from the site, then we moved to Youtube videos. Now, for our 100th Monday Mixer, we take another step forward. Monday Mixers will now come in the form of Spotify playlists making them easier to listen to without the hassle of clicking all those pesky Youtube links.

To kick off the new format, the WPGU Music Staff went back through every Monday Mixer to date and picked our favorite song from each. So follow along with us through our brief history of the Monday Mixer and enjoy our latest playlist. Be sure to follow WPGU on Spotify for easy access to all our future Mixers. Here’s to another 100 Mondays bringing you good music from WPGU 107.1!

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