#19 – Manchester Orchestra: Mean Everything To Nothing

Manchester Orchestra returned this year with their second “official” release, Mean Everything To Nothing, and came through with their most collective effort to date. Their debut album, Nobody Sings Anymore, started the band in a different direction. But after lineup changes and difference style of music, they didn’t hit the mainstream audiences until their sophomore effort, I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child.
With this record, the band establishes themselves within the alternative-indie as something to be reckoned with. Lead singer Andy Hull truly establishes himself as a mature songwriter and brings the whole band together through his distinct vocals throughout the record, even more so than their previous efforts. With tracks varying in length, short two minute “100 Dollars” is gone before you even know it, along with other tracks that exceed near the six minute mark with partial-album titled song “Everything to Nothing”, with other album highlights include the leading single, “The Only One”.
Manchester Orchestra came bursting out of the gates in 2009 and don’t look to be stopped anytime soon, which lands them amongst the most impressive albums of the year.
Here’s our countdown towards WPGU’s Album of the Year:
20. Jay-Z: The Blueprint 3
19. Manchester Orchestra: Mean Everything To Nothing
18. Coming Wednesday…Stay tuned!

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