WPGU Modern Rock Playlist

Modern rock is the era of rock music that occurred after the classic rock movement of the 1970s. The 2000s and 2010s was not an era that was necessarily known for its rock music, but there were some incredible artists and songs that came out of it. Although the sounds of modern and classic rock are fundamentally similar, there are many elements that set these two genres apart. Classic rock music is much more centered around the guitar, whereas modern rock is more centered around the drums. Classic rock also has a very significant blues foundation, whereas modern rock very obviously builds upon the precedent that was classic rock. Finally, there are major differences in the lyrical content between these two genres. This playlist comprises some of my favorite rock music from 2000 and beyond. It includes some of my favorite artists of all time—such as The Strokes, The Black Keys, and The White Stripes. 

About Sarah Holland

Sarah Holland is a freshman from Clarendon Hills, Illinois. She is in the LAS Global Studies program. She loves listening to music of all genres (except country), as well as writing music and playing the guitar.

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