7 to 9 Sundays at Iron Post Bring 3 Artists for 2 Hours

It’s sad, really, how us students tend to completely wipe out of our minds anything a few blocks outside the radius of Campustown. It’s where? Racine street, huh? Well, fortunately for those of us who refuse to walk, talk and shop the streets of downtown Chambana, the 50 East Green bus plops us right outside the door of a great (let me stress the word “great” in all its glory) little bar in sweetly established downtown Urbana by the name of the Iron Post.

Hosted in this corner bar is the recently created night dubbed “7-to-9 Sundays” when the bar features three bands from three different musical genres in two hours. On Sunday, January 21, the Iron Post will feature Ghost in Light, Sanya N’Kanta (say this name out loud, it has a really good ring to it), and Angie Heaton all for the price of $3.50. Oh, and if you’re hungry, buy a burger – the food served at the Iron Post is delicious.

“I’m sure the ‘7-to-9’ series will do well,” Ghost in Light member Shae Moseley said. “It’s a great idea to have early shows on Sundays – it’s something fun to do, but doesn’t keep people out too late on a school night.”

Ghost in Light, a Pygmalion Music Festival act, is an indie rock band which will be celebrating an album release on January 20 at the Lucas School House in St. Louis.

“We’re especially looking forward to this first [show] because it will be kind of like an out-of-town release show for us,” Moseley said. “[The Iron Post show is] actually the night after our CD release show in our hometown of St. Louis.”

The album, After Fox Meadow, features ambient instrumental backdrops to smooth vocal harmonies from all four band members. To give you a taste without actually hearing them, the band’s influences stem from Radiohead, U2, Jeff Buckley, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure and The Police, amongst others. The band also has been nominated for “best indie band” at multiple music festivals.

“[Sunday night] will actually be our first show at the Iron Post, [but] we have several old and new friends in the Champaign-Urbana area so it’s always fun to visit and play,” Moseley said. “It seems that people are very interested and receptive to new bands and new music – it makes for a good atmosphere at the shows.”

Also featured at the January 21 “7-to-9 Sundays” is the comfortable blend of twang and pop in the lyrics and guitar of singer/songwriter Angie Heaton. The musical stylings of the lovelorn yet uplifting Heaton are reminiscent of those of Liz Phair and Aimee Mann.

“I have always enjoyed playing at the Iron Post – I love Urbana!” Heaton said. “The owner has always been so kind to me when I’ve played there, and it’s a really great atmosphere, a great place to play and watch other bands.”

Heaton shares the same opinion of the Chambana area as Ghost in Light. Apparently, the CU music scene is not only a treat for the locals and students, but also for the performers.

“My friends and fans in Champaign-Urbana are so warm and supportive – there are people who come to almost every show!” Heaton said. “The support in this town is overwhelming [and] I’ve been doing this thing a long time!”

The final artist scheduled for January 21 is R&B artist Sanya N’Kanta, whose music is defined by a refined blend of soul, hip-hop and a mix of various electric sounds. In many songs, N’Kanta draws parallels to Seal, while keeping his voice tuned in to his own garnered music.

For those of you already familiar with the cozy ambiance of the Iron Post – complete with worn-in (with love) wooden tables and chairs, a pin-ball machine, bar and menu – I recommend setting aside a few hours on Sunday for the Iron Post’s new gig. For those of you who are not acquainted with all that the Iron Post has to offer, the 50 East Green picks you up at practically every other block on Green Street and drops you off in front of the Iron Post.

So, come kick back and relax before the school week begins. For only $3.50, you can witness three excellent musicians, all of whom bring distinct sounds of their own – indie-rock, country/folk meets pop and R&B.

“7-to-9 Sundays” at the Iron Post begin, ironically enough, at 7 p.m. on Sundays. Angie Heaton, Sanya N’Kanta and Ghost in Light are the featured performers for Jan. 21. Cover is $3.50. The Iron Post is located at 120 S. Race St. in downtown Urbana.

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