A Dream Within A Dream

In a recent interview with buzz, Keller Williams offered his reflections on the making his new album, his favorite tracks and future plans. Keller’s career, spanning over 15 years, is full of triumphs, and dream is an achievement of a completely different sort. The Fredericksburg, Va. native’s kindness, thoughtfulness and musical knowledge were inspiring.

On making the new record: “Different songs had different methods of recording. Everyone’s constantly working and traveling – it’s almost impossible to get together. But technology has come so far. I can record my part, send it to them, they record their part and finally send it off somewhere else. With some of the recordings, like String Cheese Incident, Sanjay Mishra, we recorded in the same room. But with Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten and Jeff Sipe, I shipped files to them and let them take their time with the track.”

Musically, how does this record compare to previous works?: “None of my real heroes have been on my other records. I’ve seen these people live, waited in line to see them. All of my other records have incredible musicians in their own right, but I’ve collected all of these guys’ records.”

What he learned from the experience and from his collaborators: “I learned that they are just human beings. It’s easy for me to put them on such an enormous pedestal … [but] they’re all just regular dudes.”

Some favorite tracks?: “The Bob Weir track (“Cadillac”) was the most surreal recording, and listening back to it was an experience. I also played bass on the track with Steve Kim. Just remembering the recording session … we improvised for 20 minutes, and I edited down to 7 and a half. When we were playing, we just jammed. It was like telepathy.”

What’s in store for the future: “Working on a half a dozen new record concepts. I’m taking four bands out on festivals the summer. I hope for a whole lot of the same, hope people will pay for tickets, pay to see the show – it’s a finicky business. People are fickle. My hope is to keep doing more of the same.”

Don’t miss Keller Williams performing at the Canopy Club on Wednesday, April 25. Tickets are $20 in advance, and the show starts at 9 p.m.

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