A hopeful home for hip-hop

CU has proven itself a hub of musical creativity, allowing independent local music a chance to carve itself a successful niche in the community. Independent hip-hop, however, has often been overlooked in CU. CU’s hip-hop, however, is home grown, not easily duplicated, and personal, insisting just as much respect as the glamour and glow of urban hip-hop.
With the start of a new weekly show at the Canopy Club, Matt “Harsh” Harshbarger and Kevin Miller (DJ Belly) hope to shine a spotlight on CU hip-hop. Ther new Wednesday night show, Represent, is an attempt to get back to the roots of hip-hop by offering a meeting place for live DJs, MCs, B-Boys and producers while demonstrating the art is much more than what can be heard on the radio. Providing a much needed consistency to CU’s hip-hop community, it will hopefully be the place where local artists can be heard and make connections with other artists, promoters and producers looking to network and begin new projects. Canopy’s new event also serves as a great place to get acquainted with the music in an unpretentious and welcoming atmosphere.
While Represent is still in its infancy with the series premiering just three weeks ago, the movement to get the word out on hip-hop in CU has been around much longer. Promoters and DJs, including Harshbarger and Miller, have been working together since 2001 and other artists have found CU a great venue for their music. Because CU is centrally located, promotion travel to anywhere in the US is a cinch.
While one of the CU hip-hop community’s biggest assets is the support it gives its artists, it could also be its downfall. Well-known local artist Krukid agrees, but says he’ll be moving on in the future, in order to challenge himself in a larger arena of competition.
Although, CU is already a boom-town of creativity and support for all types of art and artists, the hip-hop community needs residents and students to come out and show their support. Just being a fan of music is more than enough, and Represent at Canopy Club is a perfect way to start. With a variety of different shows planned featuring local artists, national acts, and open mic, Represent just might be what CU needs to bring its rich and vibrant hip-hop culture to the forefront of the music community.
Be sure to check out Canopy’s Represent show every Wednesday night, $3 cover.

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