A Quickie With…

Nov. 28 brings one self-proclaimed “out of the ordinary” boy to our beloved Canopy Club. From the Tops of Trees presents an acoustic Zak Maybaum and his unending adventures. Don’t miss the late show (starts at 11 p.m., doors at 10 p.m.) which also features World’s First Flying Machine and Collusion, and read below to learn about Maybaum’s future plans:
buzz: Have you ever personally been stuck at the top of a tree?
Zak: I jumped down. I’m glad I didn’t break anything.
buzz: Have you ever owned a cat that has been stuck at the top of a tree?
Zak: No.
buzz: Have you ever owned a cat?
Zak: No, hopefully next year.
buzz: What’s on your Christmas list?
Zak: My Christmas list right now is an Xbox 360, so if my mom is reading this even though I’m sending her an e-mail of what I want, Mom: I want an Xbox 360.
buzz: Do you have any tattoos?
Zak: No. I plan on getting my first one this summer, though.
buzz: What are you going to get?
Zak: Um, it’s a tattoo that Elliot Smith had on his right arm and I want to add onto it. So, that’s my first one I’m gonna get.
buzz: You should. If you could learn to play any other instrument, besides guitar, what would it be?
Zak: Drums, for sure. I tried learning this summer and didn’t have the patience. I’d get so frustrated and throw the sticks down and the kit sat in my room for two months unused, and then I finally got rid of it.

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