A Quickie With…Adam Wolfe

A member of Pistol Whipt, The Jammies and Tritone, Adam Wolfe is an enterprising member of the Champaign-Urbana music community. He is a man with varied musical tastes and stylings, not to mention a great sense of humor. You can catch him at performance venues all around town and even in Campustown at Potbelly. Read further for some insight into “the proclaimed most evil guitarist of Champaign-Urbana,” Adam Wolfe.

buzz: You’ve been all over the CU area lately, with band shows, solo shows and such (like the LMAs). Do you have a favorite local venue?

AW: It may sound clichÇ, but I like performing at most venues in town. Every club has different qualities that make them great. The Cowboy Monkey and Highdive are great rooms, the staff is amazing and Ward is a breeze to deal with. Canopy Club is fun because you can play on a huge stage or have an intimate metal show in the front room. Plus, campus has its advantages. The Iron Post I love because of Paul – he always seems to let me play there even if the last couple shows have been slow.

buzz: How has playing in three different bands impacted/influenced both your musical and career growth? Also, how would you say your solo work differs from band collaborations?

AW: Pistol Whipt is a cover band so it basically makes me learn new songs. You have to study the masters before becoming one. Tritone is a metal band and The Jammies is a children’s music group. I really just love writing songs. If you want a song about bananas I am your man. If you want a song about the rings of hell I am also your man. My solo work is basically songs that never fit into the bands I was with at the time. So instead of keeping them on a burner I recorded them. It really shouldn’t even be looked at as solo work, because all the people who normally help me were with me on that album.

buzz:Is there any upcoming gig in particular that you are jazzed to play?

AW: The Jammies will be at the Taste of Champaign June 24.

buzz: What’s in the future for Adam Wolfe?

AW: I am starting a guitar studio with Tom Grassman this year. So if you need lessons e-mail myself or Tom. We just finished the Jammies album, so promoting the album this year will be fun, and Tritone is starting recording this summer.

buzz: So, you’ve been known to bring the rock to our local Potbelly on Saturday afternoons, which begs the question: favorite sandwich order?

AW: Meatball.

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