A Quickie With… Casados

I took some time to catch up with Nic from Casados, consisting of the soft-spoken spouses Nic and Heather Dillon, who are currently serenading the nation with their Latin-tinged acoustic folk. Casados (or “married”in Spanish) is currently promoting their Passages EP and are slated to play the Canopy Club on May 19 for their guitar and harmonium’s homecoming.

buzz: What have been the highlights of this tour?

Nic Dillon: Our tour dog, who makes the traveling a lot easier, the beautiful stretch of land on Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the shows.

buzz: Any lowlights?

ND: We just found out that my bike was stolen from our front porch. Boo.

buzz: Since your marriage in 2003, has your songwriting changed significantly?

ND: I think my songwriting has matured, but the change has been gradual. Marriage has probably helped my writing overall, but no more than any other significant life experience. Nevertheless, I will say that if my wife wasn’t who she is, I probably wouldn’t be playing music or writing like I am right now. Heather definitely pushes me to do more creatively and invest a lot of energy into that.

buzz: What is your favorite aspect of musical creation: the songwriting, recording or performance?

ND: I love and hate them all equally. Each is a burden and a passion.

buzz: What can Champaign-Urbana expect from your upcoming show at the Canopy Club?

ND: Good times.

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