A Quickie With … Pygmalion’s Local Bands

This week “A Quickie With … ” is seeing more action than the Silver Bullet, as all of the local artists performing at the autumn spectacular – Pygmalion Music Festival – were asked:

“What band/artist are you most looking forward to seeing at Pygmalion?”

“Absolutely, positively, Andrew Bird at Krannert [Tryon Festival Theatre]. A close second is Tristan Wraight’s (Headlights) intention to play the whole set at The Canopy Club in a red bikini.” – Ryan Groff of Elsinore

“Okkervil River or Andrew Bird. I think we’re divided.” – Roses and SakÇ

“I am looking forward to seeing Dignan.” – Elzie of New Ruins

“Maserati – no questions asked.” – Shipwreck

“The band I’m most excited to see at Pygmalion is Dianogah. Plus all my local favorites such as Shipwreck, The Beauty Shop, New Ruins, Water Between Continents and Royal Electric.”- Jane Boxall

“Royal Electric.” – Kate Hathaway

“Sybris is dope. Go see them. Catfish Haven is dope too.” – The Living Blue

“Maserati. One of the best bands in the country – just an unreal live performance.” – buzz’s own Mike Ingram of Darling Disarm

“We’re always hyped to see Shipwreck, Headlights and the Beauty Shop, but everyone tells me that Maserati will light up the stage.”- Sangamon

“Mit’n” – The International Theater of War

“We are really excited to see Coco Coca because he never fails to make us dance out of our breeches.” – Mit’n

“Unwed Sailor.” – Oceans

“We’re most interested in seeing a band we’re billed with, Probably Vampires. I’ve heard they’re good but have yet to see them perform.” – Royal Electric

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