A Quickie With…Ramesh Srivastava from Voxtrot

When presented with Yoko Ono and Girl Talk’s conflicting schedules, Srivastava favored mashed-up beats over Beatles. Check out what else he had to say when we caught up with him at the festival:

buzz: So who are you most excited to see?

RS: The Field. That’s it. Grizzly Bear was amazing … but The Field is one thing I like, have to see.

buzz: That’s your must, what’s your second must-see?

RS: Girl Talk, maybe.

buzz: I really want to see Girl Talk, but…

RS: I think the legendary status of seeing Yoko Ono is probably drawing most people…

buzz: I feel like I have to see her just because she got to bone, you know, a Beatle.

RS: Yea yea, totally. I’m gonna try and meet her and ask her all the questions about John Lennon. She’d love that, huh? “Can I ask you some questions about The Beatles? You don’t know me …”

buzz: How’s your day been so far? What was it like after you performed?

RS: It was good, I was out till four this morning, and then we had to get up at 8 [a.m.] to go rehearse from 9 to 11 [a.m.], and then we had to come straight here and then set up and then I was really nervous…

buzz: So that’s why you’re wearing dark shades?

RS: Yeah, yeah. See? (Raises sunglasses) But tonight, it’s kinda like “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.” Tonight I have to do this DJ thing that goes until four in the morning. So, it’ll be cool!

buzz:You deserve a coffee.

RS: Much more than that [laughs]. Much more.

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