A Quickie With… Tall Tale

Self-described “girl-fronted, piano-driven power-pop” band Tall Tale has broken onto the local music scene with a vengeance. Fortunately for buzz, the band took time out of their hectic schedule to talk with us about their new album and how they aspire to make a sound that “never grows old.”
buzz: How did Tall Tale come about? What’s the origin of the band’s name?
Tall Tale: Tall Tale used to be Tracey and Tricia. When we came to Champaign, we sat out on Quad Day, holding a sign asking people to join our band. All of a sudden, we had five people in the band, and we didn’t think Tracey, Tricia, Justin, Jeff and Jared was a good band name.
buzz: What’s the overall sound of Pirate Ship, your soon-to-be released album?
Tall Tale: Girl-fronted, piano-driven power-pop. It’s very melodious; we focus a lot on vocal harmonies. There’s a pop vibe to it, but there’s a background of constant intricacy that we try to incorporate from our folksy acoustic days as Tracey and Tricia.
buzz: What’s the coolest venue you’ve ever played at?
Tall Tale: The Canopy Club has been extremely good to us, so that’s definitely our favorite place to play. We had a really fun show at a coffeehouse in Bloomington once. We like the more intimate settings where the crowd is right in front of you, and you can interact with them.
buzz: On the band’s MySpace, you describe Tall Tale’s sound as “the way you felt the first time you saw Peter Pan.” Can you elaborate on that?
Tall Tale: Jared is a Lost Boy. And we want to try to make music that never grows old, something that will last. Which is a big statement but I just mean that we try to just make music that feels genuine to ourselves and not be swayed by the trends.
buzz: What genre or mixture of genres would you categorize your music as?
Tall Tale: Pop rock? I don’t know. It’s so hard to have an objective view on our sound because to us, it sounds like us. But we’ve been compared to the likes of Straylight Run, The Hush Sound, The Fray and Eisley.
buzz: Tall Tale recently played in the Indie Meets Hip-Hop concert at Canopy Club. How well do you think the two genres mixed?
Tall Tale: It was so much fun! In any show, not every band necessarily flows with each other. Every band brings a different sound, and it combines to just have a good time while sharing passion. The Indie Meets Hip-Hop idea was great because there were two stages of constant music, and everyone was so supportive of each other.

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