A Quickie With … The Decatur Park Singers

Since 1972, the Decatur Park Singers have been entertaining across Illinois, representing the Decatur Park Community. With a recent tour to Europe, performing popular sets from Broadway musicals to contemporary rock and jazz, the family-friendly troupe is ready to close up another fun summer season.
buzz: What kind of music do you perform?
Marie Jagger-Taylor of The Decatur Park Singers: We have a pretty eclectic mix, from Broadway sets, to rock and roll. We even do jazz and a lot of more modern rock.
buzz: What have you been working on recently?
MJT: Since we are finishing up our summer tour in the next two weeks, we are going to be holding auditions for new additions to the singers this winter! They’re the ambassadors for the park district and typically tour around central Illinois in the summer season.
buzz: What is the most fun place you’ve been to with the group?
MJT: Oh gosh, I think they like going to Rockford, IL and Princeton, IL- the reception is always really great there. Last summer they sang at army bases stationed around Europe, too.
buzz: If you could do a cover song of any group, band or artist, who would it be and what song?
MJT: I couldn’t even guess…there’s too much out there to choose, and there are great representatives from all of the different genres.
buzz: What is the group looking forward to at the close of this summer?
MJT: It has been a real treat to be a part of the DPS, and I know we are looking forward to booking the next year!

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