A Quickie With…The Living Blue

Tonight, The Living Blue will be opening for the treadmill-loving boys of OK Go at Foellinger Auditorium. Check out what The Living Blue’s Stephen Ucherek had to say:

buzz: Explain what you consider your big break in CU.

Stephen Ucherek: We played the Brass Rail once, and had a line around the block.

buzz: What sort of rituals (if any) do you or your band do right before a show to get into your performance mindset?

Stephen: I usually jump around a bit, get the blood moving, shake up Andy D, wake up Andy D, pray to Jah, slap five with my homies.

buzz: What sorts of things do you like to do to surprise your fans during each show?

Stephen: I like to say something like, “This song is about class warfare” and then watch people look at me like, huh? Say schwha? It beats the usual showing of the privates, or telling of a whack joke.

buzz: What sorts of things do you learn from when playing or touring with other big artists like OK Go?

Stephen: I’ve learned it’s all about a good time; it is rock and roll. Nobody wants to see a rock and roller with poopy diapers.

buzz: Do you have any advice for aspiring performers to get out and do their thing?


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