Ain’t No Party Like The After Party

When you’re done listening to local music so the center can raise money to free the world from mainstream media’s control, head over Sunday night to the hip-hop after party. The lineup is packed with artists that will keep the music flowing (even if it is not going to bang the club) and keep you dancing all the while opening your mind to the possibilities of hip-hop.
Of particular note is Agent Mos (who will be on at 1am,) one of Champaign’s best known rappers. His thoughtful and uptempo takes on the standard topics of A Tribe Called Quest and Common (whose voice he strangely resembles) will not move your feet but they are consummately interesting and well-written.
Krukid will close the night. His background as a immigrant from Uganda is reflected in his rhymes, which display the kind of real social (and African) consciousness other rappers, particularly Kanye West, lose underneath their painful bluster. His beats are standard bass, high-hat and snare compositions, but he manages to occasionally slip in a stray African sound or backbeat that, if heard Sunday night, will add good flavor to an already stacked show.

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