Albarn Talks About the End of Blur and the Gorillaz

Say it aint so! Damon Albarn recently said in an interview that he greatly doubts that there will be any more music coming from his two main bands, Blur and Gorillaz. Blur’s last show is scheduled for the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in England this summer. Albarn states that the end of Blur is due to not being able to work with the band’s bassist or drummer anymore. Likewise, it seems that the end of the Gorillaz is due to a falling out between Albarn and the band’s artist Jamie Hewlitt. It may be hard to take this news in, but be sure this isn’t the end of great music from Albarn. Damon Albarn has kept himself busy with side projects with Bobby Womack, Rocket Juice & the Moon and more.


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