Album Review

Contrary to what the recent tabloid headlines regarding his mystery relationship with Jessica Simpson may indicate, John Mayer has matured. His new album picks up where Try! left off, completing Mayer’s shift from radio-friendly pop hits to jazzier guitar riffs, heavier blues and classic rock influences (Continuum includes a great cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Bold as Love”) and a newfound social awareness.

The lead track, “Waiting on the World to Change” addresses Generation Y’s lack of concern and activism in the face of the current political climate, and includes lyrics like And when you trust your television/what you get is what you got/cause when they own the information, oh/they can bend it all they want.

Mayer’s good musicianship and songwriting skills are very apparent on the beautiful ballads “Dreaming With A Broken Heart” and “I’m Gonna Find Another You.” The latter is the closing track and arguably the best song on the album. However, even with Mayer’s talents, the CD does contain a couple sleepers (“Belief” and “The Heart of Life”) that aren’t worth the listener’s time. Despite this, the album as a whole remains a triumph for Mayer.

With Continuum, John Mayer has successfully launched himself into a new phase of his career as he leaves the pop world behind and heads into the realm of adult contemporary. You might not hear these songs on MTV, but go ahead and pop in this CD, close your eyes, and get acquainted with the smooth sounds of a new John Mayer – all grown up.

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