Album Review

We all have that one friend of whom we can only take so much. You know exactly who I’m talking about. Admit it. You know, the one who somehow works what new pet-name she has for her boyfriend into every conversation or complains about how much her parents love her when all you want to talk about is your love/hate relationship with Taco Bell. Well, Trentalange’s Photo Album of Complex Relationships is exactly like that friend: small doses are recommended.

The album cover of the CD seems to narrate its lyrical content. Hands bound by rope and head hanging low, Barbara Trentalange, lead vocalist, casts a haunting and gloomy shadow over the majority of the songs while a combination of cello, flute, piano and drums work to give each song that beautifully depressing feel. Her voice is one for getting used to, lying somewhere between the darkness of Evanescence’s Amy Lee and the pretty, simplistic sound of the girls from Eisley. Trentalange does bring a unique sound to the music world with her haunting vocals and simple, yet profound lyrics, but if you’re looking for a female artist or band to overdose on, I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

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