Album Review

Chief Kamachi’s new album, Concrete Gospel, is a mix of generic drum loops, unpolished vocals and trite, sometimes illogical lyrics. The album is hard to listen to, not only due to the aforementioned points, but also because it seems to battle itself being spiritual and blasphemous at the same time. All the tracks are similar and blend together as you listen to the album; in fact, the only real way to tell you are hearing a new song is to listen for Chief Kamachi to repeat his name. He opens many songs this way in the event a listener forgets who he is hearing or simply out of pure vanity. Overall, this album is a muddled and predictable piece of garbage. If you want good underground rap and hip hop there are better routes to take – the group K-os on the Astralwerks label, for instance. Kamachi simply doesn’t supply the goods.

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