Alexi Murdoch’s Time Without Consequence

Alexi Murdoch’s Time Without Consequence is an ingenious blend of haunting acoustics and melodic lyrics reminiscent of Nick Drake. Although Murdoch is not an entirely new artist, his work’s recognition hasn’t reached the full splendor it deserves. Murdoch’s lyrics may often hover over melancholy waters, yet Time Without Consequence is interspersed with songs such as “Song for You,” “Breath” and the much acclaimed “Orange Sky.” Turned up, these songs easily draw you into Murdoch’s incredible ability to manipulate rhythm and sound, to form his celebrated somber, yet sweet melody. Granted, the three songs, recreated from Murdoch’s EP, Four Songs, are not up to par with the original, but, hey, who can compete with the original, right? Not to be disheartened though, Time Without Consequence compensates with its ability to leave its listener with a sense of hope, and a complete and utter sense of peace by the end of the eleventh song, I promise.

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