Alfie Templeman: “Stop Thinking (About Me)” Song Review

Although UIUC students are only a few weeks into summer break, playlists for the 2019 season have already started to crop up by the dozen on Spotify. Alternative rock, country, and pop tracks all feature alongside the most quintessential of summer fever: the youthful love song.

These vary by musical genre, though no listener should neglect Alfie Templeman’s “Stop
Thinking (About Me).” Debuting on BBC Music earlier this year, “Stop Thinking (About Me)” is the 16-year-old English singer-songwriter’s first single following his 2018 EP “Like an Animal.”

The single continues to develop the charming indie vibes Templeman built in his EP and with a surprising level of confidence for an artist so young. However, while “Like an Animal” showcased
music into which listeners could relax, “Stop Thinking (About Me)” possesses a snappier, near jazzy quality.

Indeed, Templeman’s backing instrumentals swagger; the first few notes carry a drawn-out confidence that Templeman’s own vocals echo a few moments later. At only four minutes, “Stop Thinking (About Me)” is far from lengthy, but each beat and syllable seems to hang in the air a moment longer than a more pop-oriented musician might dare. And it is exactly this lack of rush that makes the single scream summer. The lyrics themselves enjoy an angsty quality that is compelling unto itself, but it is really Templeman’s lazy self-assuredness that makes “Stop Thinking (About Me)” memorable.

Other strengths include the song’s catchy chorus and Templeman’s smooth vocals. At points, one wishes that the track included an additional stanza to ease its repetitiveness, but it’s a negligible complaint. “Stop Thinking (About Me)” is nothing short of a pleasurable musical experience and a wonderful foray into Summer 2019.

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