Ambitious Pie Party

Ambitious Pie Party

All I’ve Learned Is Pushed Aside


Ambitious Pie Party is a horrible name for a band, somewhere between “The Steve Miller Band” and “Anal Cunt.” With the exception of the part about ambition, the name doesn’t really befit the high quality of the band’s debut, recorded with Adam Schmitt and Jonathan Pines.

Every part of the record pulls the listener in a different direction. Precision, a high production value, and the vague impression of suite-like transitions between songs all suggest prog, but it’s hard to ignore the funky non-sequiturs that suggest the jam tradition or metal-forged interludes and operatic vocals (often tightly harmonized). The mix-and-match suggests a room where a bong, linear algebra homework, leather and reverb pedal all vie for desk-space. The real star, though, is Kelly McMorris’ high, gritty voice and the constant barrage of guitar fireworks, to the point that the two interchangeably dominate the album. With that in one’s ear, a white man doesn’t need drugs to dance, just a good serving of pie.

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