Americana: a term for those who are truly American

Culturally, the term Americana refers to anything that is seen to represent this country, whether it’s hamburgers and apple pie or PBR and Bruce Springsteen. Musically, the term is almost as broad. It’s a genre that can draw from traditions in old-time folk, bluegrass, roots, country and gospel music. Modern day artists can be seen as disciples of these traditions, who either attempt to replicate the stylings of predecessors like The Band, Woodie Guthrie and John Fahey, or who further stretch and mold the genre into newer and more abstract forms. Lyrics are most often narrative, and dwell on themes like Appalachian sunrises, traveling westward on a late-night train, or some unlucky incident that happened ages ago at a rural, middle-of-nowhere tavern. Overall the music is, as the term would suggest, American, and if you are one of those unfortunate souls who doesn’t get a little watery-eyed at the sound of a steel guitar or whose heart doesn’t swell with pride every time Bob Dylan comes on the radio, then you, my friend, are un-American and should be deported immediately.
Current Americana artists include: My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes, Iron And Wine, Blitzen Trapper and Jeff Tweedy.

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