Anti-Valentine’s Day Mixtape


While many of you are enjoying your special day with your significant other, us here at WPGU are like the bitter kid who says “Valentine’s Day is just a holiday created by card companies to make a profit off of an artificial holiday”.  Just check these songs out if you’re feeling a little alone today and hopefully they can make you feel better!

1 – “Bunny, Ain’t No Kind of Rider” – of Montreal. 

Kevin Barnes kills you softly with his words of dejection in this fun, brutally honest track. My all-time favorite of Montreal anthem, the image-filled lyrics and upbeat, dance-y feel inspires all to shut down Eva the faggy girl and search for a lover with soul power.

Written by Lise Graham

2 – “The Mess Inside” – The Mountain Goats

John Darnielle is one of my favorite lyricists and this song is the reason why. In “The Mess Inside”, he uses a failing relationship to reminisce about the good times that he and his lover had, contrasting sharply with his cries of “I wanted you to love me like you used to do.” It’s a song that makes you warmly reminiscent while at the same time leaving you sad and a little resentful. If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, just remember, John Darnielle knows how you feel.

Written by Eric Holmes

3 – “Born Alone” – Wilco

Jeff Tweedy and Wilco do heartbreak really well. This song sounds like the truth, so maybe it is? I was born to die alone. Unless you have anything to say about that ladies?

Written by Joe Winner

4 – “Married With Children” – Oasis

This song tells the story of a relationship gone stale.  Of course the relationship seems appealing at first, but after the thoughtful letters and heart-shaped candy gifts, comes an unreachable itch to get some space.  The quirky personality traits that were overlooked at first are now causing a stage left exit to the dimly lit streets.

Written by Stan Polanski

5 – “Silver Dagger” – Joan Baez

Some say that if he liked it then he should have put a ring on it. This song says that he shouldn’t even bother, because a ring does not mean anything when he gives rings to everyone. Also, if he tries to woo the girl, her mother will stab him. So happy Valentine’s Day.

Written by Claire Schoeder

6 – “Prom Night” – Chance the Rapper

If you’ve read my mixers at all, you’ve probably noticed a steady dose of Chance on there.  This young Chicago rapper is famous for his debut mixtape 10 Day which he wrote over a suspension from school.  With that being said, this track is written about how he skipped his senior prom to perform at a show instead.  Who needs love when you can rap?

Written by Boswell Hutson

7 – “How” – Regina Spektor

In this song, Regina bemoans the lingering mix of pain and affection that comes after a relationship ends.  The mix of strings with her piano playing is sincere and the song finds a nice niche between sad and hopeful.

Written by David Christians

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