Art Rock playlist

Rock is a genre of music which is often present within most of our lives. You may find yourself listening to the music, appreciating it as a form of art which the artist has created. However, within the genre of rock exists a much smaller genre, art rock. It is a form of art itself, but places a heavier emphasis on experimental and avant-garde elements, distinguishing it from other varieties of rock. Gaining popularity mainly in the 1960s and 1970s, it is almost impossible to describe in strict terms, due to the transcending of traditional rock styles and themes, allowing the listener to form their unique hearing experience. 

It is loose, entirely personalized and void of a specific structure, incorporating hints of jazz and classical, with a conceptual approach to music. Art rock is meant for contemplation rather than dancing, with visionary lyrics and an appeal to the intelligence within an individual. Highly unpredictable, it takes daring risks and strays from boundaries to achieve the artistic expression desired from the artists. Refusing to conform to the basic patterns of popular music, this genre unveils the considerable amount of skill and genius which composers require. 

As you listen to this playlist, open your mind to all the possibilities these next few songs hold. Several musical components featured in these tracks have for the first time been discovered. These artists were dauntless, choosing to experiment with their music, never knowing or caring if it would succeed and be accepted amongst society, but rather creating the music to satisfy their artistic aspiration to compose. 

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Natalia is a sophomore from the Chicago suburbs studying psychology and Spanish. In her spare time she attempts to write her own music, raves about how much she loves dream pop, and simply enjoys the beauty that life has to offer.

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