Austrailian country boy rocked Assembly Hall

If a guitar and an Australian accent couldn’t get you to a Keith Urban show, his catchy country music along with phenomenal harmonies and string playing could win over anyone. Keith Urban took the stage at Assembly Hall last night, Nov. 15 to a highly anticipating crowd that received exactly what they were there for: a great show.
Well-executed guitar solos along with his entertaining playing style and high energy kept the crowd on their feet for most of the two-hour show. He continuously interacted with the crowd through sing-along parts as well as reoccurring references to the great state of Illinois, which the fans loved.
Between the five string players on stage throughout the show, a banjo, mandolin, bass, and a variety of guitars ranging from acoustic, to electric, to a double-neck guitar were all played. His five-piece acoustic version of “Better Half” as well as its bluegrass interlude greatly displayed the musical talent of everyone on stage.
There’s no better way to win over a crowd in this town than by bringing the Marching Illini Drumline onstage, which is exactly what Keith Urban did. Halfway through the show, Urban stepped aside to a swarm of drums that performed a cadence on stage to a roaring crowd.
After a high-energy show that packed in nearly all of his hits, his encore left much to be desired. No matter who you are, a 3 (and a half if you include a brief cover) song encore is simply not necessary. Not only did the end of the show drag on, but the song choice was disappointing. “Better Life” was the third in the series and by far the most exciting as Urban told security to back off and let the crowd storm the floor.
Slight disappointments aside, the show as a whole was a success. His brief cover a several classics including “Sweet Home Alabama” as well as his performance of “Days Go By” made up for any flaws he may have made.

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